Medical Malpractice Defense

The medical malpractice litigation experience at Tiemeier & Stich, P.C. is unparalleled. The attorneys in our practice, in particular Greg Tiemeier, have defended a wide array of cases for practitioners of many specialties. Mr. Tiemeier is widely known around the country for his expertise and success in Ophthalmology cases. Cases have included orthopedic issues, cardiovascular and neurological issues, among them.
In cases that allege medical malpractice, the best result often cannot be achieved without a trial. We place our cases in the best position for a favorable outcome by working closely with the physicians, retaining well-known physician experts, and understanding every aspect of the medicine involved. Our attorneys are well known and well regarded by the medical community, allowing for long standing relationships to develop and provides access to local and nationally recognized experts.

At Tiemeier & Stich, P.C., we bring 25 years of trial experience to the courtroom with great success. Our collective, constantly growing knowledge base, allows us to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.

Judge?s gavel next to stethoscope

Recent Results:

  • Withers v. Andersen. Lead counsel with Dan Mauk in failure to diagnose epidural hematoma on MRI, resulting in partial paralysis. Two-week trial before Judge Cross in Arapahoe County resulted in defense verdict. Plaintiff’s counsel Penelope Clor and Mike Kane. September 26 to October 8, 2015.
  • Barrett v. Roe. Solo trial defending Dr. Roe in alleged failure to promptly treat retained lens fragment after complicated cataract (4+) surgery. One-week trial before Judge Jones in Denver District Court resulted in defense verdict. Plaintiff’s counsel Jerome V. Porter. June 15-19, 2015.
  • McGill v. Battenhouse. Lead defense counsel with Dan Mauk and Co-defense counsel Writer Mott and Rebecca Klymkowski of Arapahoe County Attorney’s office in prison health case, failure to diagnose pontine stroke. Two-week trial before Judge Jackson in Federal District Court resulted in $12 million verdict for plaintiff (the matter was resolved after trial pursuant to agreement). Erika Grossman, Anna Holland Edwards, plaintiff’s counsel. December 1-12, 2014.
  • Moore v. Richheimer. Solo trial defending Dr. Richheimer in alleged failure to timely diagnose retinal detachment following cataract surgery, resulting in complete vision loss in one eye. One-week trial before Judge Eliff in Denver District Court resulted in defense verdict. Jeremy Cave, plaintiff’s attorney. September 3-9, 2013.
  • Czarniak v. 20/20 Institute. Co-Counsel with Scott Lassater and Randy Sego defending 20/20 Institute in case alleging malpractice for entering wrong data in the excimer laser (increasing the astigmatism to +7.00), and an advertising claim for violation of the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. Negligence was admitted for the incorrect data entry, but damages and the fraudulent advertising claim were disputed. Plaintiff’s lowest settlement demand before and during trial was $1.0 million. Two-week jury trial before Judge Matsch in Federal District Court in Denver resulted in a $66,030 award to the plaintiff on the admitted negligence claim. Verdict for 20/20 on the fraudulent advertising claim. Todd Krouner, Dianne Carlino and Keith Cross, Plaintiff’s attorneys. April 29- June 9, 2013.
  • In November of 2012, Mr. Tiemeier defended an ophthalmologist and optometrist for alleged failure to diagnose and delay in referral of a pituitary tumor in a 44-year-old-man, resulting in apoplexy and bilateral blindness. After a two week trial in El Paso County District Court, the jury returned a complete defense verdict within two hours.
    In May of 2012, Mr. Tiemeier successfully defended an urgent care physician for alleged negligence in failing to properly and timely treat and refer an eye ulcer which developed into a corneal infection requiring corneal transplant. After a 7-day trial in Douglas County District Court, the jury found in favor of the defendant.
  • In January of 2012, a patient litigated a case against a Family Practice specialist for severe postpartum hemorrhage resulting in mother’s cardiac arrest and subsequent coma, with resulting brain injuries. The hospital settled prior to trial. The plaintiff alleged failure to provide proper prenatal care, asses as “high-risk” patient, properly and timely treat the uterine bleeding and obtain consultation and referral to obstetrician/gynecologist. Mr. Tiemeier successfully defended this two week jury trial in Adams County District Court.
  • In April of 2009, an unhappy LASIK patient litigated a case against an ophthalmologist, with Mr. Tiemeier defending. After a one week trial in Denver County, the jury returned a defense verdict in under 25 minutes. The Judge awarded costs, which were collected.
  • In August of 2008, Mr. Tiemeier successfully defended a local ophthalmologist in an action brought by a patient after an unsuccesful retrobulbar injection prior to cataract surgery. The Douglas County jury returned a defense verdict for his client in 22 minutes, and costs were awarded against the plaintiff in excess of $30,000.