Mechanic’s Liens

A mechanic’s lien is a security interest in the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve the property. This type of lien is available to almost anyone who performs labor or furnishes material used in the construction, alteration, improvement, addition to, or repair of any structure or improvement on land. The purpose of a lien is to prevent landowners from benefiting from improvements to their property, such as labor and/or materials, without paying for the improvements. Mechanic’s Lien rights are governed by statute and require strict compliance with the statutory deadlines.

At Tiemeier & Stich, P.C., we have successfully represented General Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Owners in mechanic lien disputes.


Recent Results:

  • Mr. Stich, representing a restaurant in the Park Meadows Mall, successfully bonded over hundreds of thousands of dollars of mechanic’s liens in Douglas County District Court.
  • Mr. Stich, while representing a national engineering and land planning firm, successfully settled two mechanic lien actions, involving a “blanket” mechanic liens on over seven parcels of real property. The case involved numerous corporate land owners, three banks, and two individuals attempting to develop land in south western suburban Denver.
  • Mr. Stich was able to successfully settle a payment dispute, through the use of a mechanic lien for an architectural firm providing services for the remodeling of a medical office.